KBT Cornwall LTD T/A Armtrac Security Services (8087077)

Registered Address 20-22 Wenlock Road, London. N1 7GU

Data protection officer contact details dpo@armtracservices.co.uk

Telephone 0371 2000476 

Entry to the car park may result in your personal data being obtained, retained and processed. The data processed may include, the vehicle registration number, time and movements of the vehicle and images of the vehicle.

The purpose of the processing of data is:

1)   To ensure compliance with your obligations under the contract entered into when you entered and remained on the car park and for the legitimate purpose of pursuing the driver and or any other party who may become liable for payment of any fees.

Our lawful basis for processing data is;

1)   The processing is necessary for a contract which has been entered into

2)  There is legitimate interest as detailed below;

  1. a) To pursue motorists for unpaid parking tariff
  2. b) To pursue motorist for unpaid parking charge notices.

Where there is a fee which is payable we may request personal details of the registered keeper of the vehicle from the DVLA and other third parties (for example the registered keeper or hire companies where applicable) who may possess information which could assist in resolving any dispute.

Where your data is obtained it will be retained for 6 years where there is no unpaid fee. Where there is an unpaid fee the data will be held for sufficient time to enable the fee to be settled by you or another person and resolve any dispute. However, your data will not normally be held for longer than 6 years. Examples of when we may hold your data for longer are;

1)   When there is an ongoing dispute that requires us to hold the data for longer than normal.
2)   Where a court order has been made allowing us to pursue outstanding money after the expiring 6 years.

Your personal data may be shared with third parties. This may include debt recovery companies, solicitors and bailiffs to pursue any outstanding debts. If you decide to challenge a parking charge notice and we reject your challenge, then we will provide your registration number and parking charge number along with the time and date of the parking event to them. This is to allow you to contrast the charge with an independent adjudicator.

Please email us at dpo@armtracservices.com (ensure you provide proof of identification when emailing) if;

  • You object to your personal data being processed or you believe we hold the incorrect details for you and would like us to rectify the data we hold, or
  • You would like us to delete the data we hold for you, or
  • You would like to restrict how we process your data, or
  • If you entered into a contract with us and would like a copy of the data we hold about you in a format which can easily be transferred to another provider.

Please note that you have a right to request the above, however, when we receive your requests we may object to your request if we do not agree with it. However, if you do make the request we will tell you if the request has been granted or not.

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